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Wontstop RecordIndependent LabelSince 1998

Wontstop Record an independent record label UK. The aim is to push conscious music to the universe. Music of worth, fight for rights & love for your family.Shop the latest collection of conscious rap albums & socially conscious music products at Wontstop Record. Best socially conscious music-related products. The record label was set up in 1998 in St Pauls Bristol Uk by Emmanuel Anebsa. The Music comes from the ghetto but it has far reaching elements to all walks of life.Consciousness is not a way of life and a way of thinking once you turn your mind on.You cannot turn it off. Thank you for visiting our website have a blessed day.You can donate to Wontstop Record by clicking the Link DONATE. We aprecilove all you give.It will go to the next project of conscious music THANKYOU

Change my Life - Video

Listen words

  1. My Jamaica Roots Emmanuel Anebsa 3:55
  2. Sing the Revolution Emmanuel Anebsa 3:56
  3. Mash up Jamaica Emmanuel Anebsa 4:03

Music is

  1. Protect Me Emmanuel Anebsa 4:21
  2. BeHave Emmanuel Anebsa 3:42
  3. Cause i am Love edit Emmanuel Anebsa 4:38


  1. Speakers Corner Emmanuel Anebsa 4:12
  2. Alison Wilks Emmanuel Anebsa 5:43
  3. Love Revolution Emmanuel Anebsa 4:52
  4. Forgive Me Emmanuel Anebsa 3:43

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