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Wontstop Record produces Socially Conscious Music we have been established since 1998. Our main artist is Emmanuel Anebsa.We aim has an Independent Record Label to produce music of substance and worth that you can play to your children.Music is frequency so we make frequency positive.There is a message of fight for your rights but there is also many songs of love and faith.Be sure to check out our Releases and buy your copy today.

Listen words

  1. My Jamaica Roots Emmanuel Anebsa 3:55
  2. Sing the Revolution Emmanuel Anebsa 3:56
  3. Mash up Jamaica Emmanuel Anebsa 4:03

Music is

  1. Protect Me Emmanuel Anebsa 4:21
  2. BeHave Emmanuel Anebsa 3:42
  3. Cause i am Love edit Emmanuel Anebsa 4:38


  1. Speakers Corner Emmanuel Anebsa 4:12
  2. Alison Wilks Emmanuel Anebsa 5:43
  3. Love Revolution Emmanuel Anebsa 4:52
  4. Forgive Me Emmanuel Anebsa 3:43

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